Pouco conhecido Fatos sobre Potencial de ação.

 The definition of axis is an average of all electrical signals from the heart, indicating the average direction of electrical depolarization. To determine the heart axis you look at the extremity leads only (not V1-V6).ABSTRACT Most of our current knowledge about cellular phenotypes related to neurological diseases was gathered from studies eletr

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O Melhor Single estratégia a utilizar para ECG

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5 elementos essenciais para Oclusão Coronariana

INTRODUCTION. The idea of replacing diseased organs by sound ones, of putting back an amputated limb or even of grafting a new limb on a patient having undergone an amputation, is doubtless very old. The performance of such operations, however, was completely prevented by the lack of a method of uniting vessels, thus re-establishing a normal circul

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